thoughts on Orphan Black series one finale.


- but hrrmm, i am not happy with the way Allison’s arc wrapped up there. nope. I get that there’s a whole midwich cuckoos suburbian hell thing they’re playing with there but I don’t like the way the narrative takes glee in that. it feels like it’s laughing at her. and it doesn’t give us enough information to really see the situation clearly: she knew Donnie since high school; when did she meet Ainsley?

- I was really hoping for an Elena-and-Sarah alliance against all the odds. both cuz I want Elena to have someone trustworthy in her life, but also the finale episode felt a bit weak tbh without anyone really changing sides? so much of the tension at the end came from the sudden and clearly 100% impossible hope that Lekie/technocultist-guy/that-asshole-bullshit-peddler might be legit. OF FUCKIN’ COURSE NOT. I would have enjoyed it a lot if it played out with them all going “let’s stand together against him!” but as it was it just felt a bit… idk, a bit underwhelming.



If this is what makes for a Nebula award winning novel, and a Hugo nominated one, maybe I just don’t like science fiction any more.  What a let-down.

slightly amused because this reviewer didn’t understand the plot. Justice of Toren wasn’t trying to kill another ship’s ancillaries, she was trying to kill the Lord of the Radch, Anaanader Mianaai. I know at times the plot is slightly hard to follow but that was a fairly clear plot point. Anyway if you go into this book expecting some complex page-turning mystery or intrigue then yes you will be disappointed… the book’s strength is in its exploration of identity, and commentary on our own society, especially the way it is built on greed and colonization and how difficult, nigh-unto-impossible it is to dismantle that because there isn’t just one person (body) responsible, and even if we could defeat the invulnerable and powerful individuals that run things from their corporate offices and so forth, we would still have to kill the idea, the structure that we ourselves are a part of and programmed into. It’s something no one would undertake from the inside unless they had a very personal reason COMBINED with a sort of altruistic duty-bound nature. Someone like Breq / Justice of Toren, once the big bad plot points happen to her. 

I guess if that’s boring to you then that’s your opinion, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the writing is bad. I think the author hit the nail on the head with what she wanted to say. It wasn’t lack of skill, it was merely a different goal than the book you wanted to read.

hrrrm okay, so, I agree that Ancillary Justice has a lot to say about that kind of identity in the face of cultural hegemony. but I also do think it’s setting out to write about them by writing an arc plot that is at its core all about political intrigue.

so I do kinda think it’s fair to assess how well it does those things if you’re writing a review. that dude made a really bad job of it - like, just in terms of basic reading comprehension. (cuz, sorry, you just didn’t actually understand this book, dude. at all. go back and read it again slower.)

but like, I fuckin’ loved the intrigue plot. I loved the reveal that the Anaander Mianaais are not a unified whole, I love that all these abstract conflicts about ideologies play out in characters trying to decide if they can trust one another enough to work together…

although actually - I just realised - maybe what lets down the book as a story About Intrigue is that hardly any of the characters lie. they’re interested in telling the truth of the world as they see it, right from that conversation between Lieutenant Awn and the priest on the occupied planet to the last few scenes with One Esk telling that ship (Mercy of Kahlr??) that her sticking around wasn’t gonna fix its sense of loss at not having all its lil minions back… this stuff makes for super interested worldbuilding but not for the fast-paced science-fictional political thriller you might have otherwise gotten from this plot.

so yeah anyway, what I’m getting at with this long ramble is that for me the intrigue and politics and stuff felt like a really cool and central part of the plot - that fact there was that show-down with Anaander Mianaai in the temple but that wasn’t the end of it, the last thing we hear about that Anaander Mianaai does was that she’s made a legit identity for the assassin she’s been referring to as Justice of Toren and that she’s given her the name Breq Mianaai?

the politics is all about words and subtle, culturally-shaped displays of power and I fuckin’ love that shit in a story that’s very much about worldbuilding. but it’d be a fair criticism to say that it does leave the book very stylised. the way it’s stylised really works for me but I can see that readers who didn’t find the setting grabbed them might finish the book a bit baffled.

Voyager s4e18




So uh.. Some random aliens have taken over Voyager, made the crew into parts of the holodeck program or something, and are now simulating the crew working at a restaurant/bar of some kind in france during a war..

hahaha i remember that

i watched it all and i still didn’t get it by the end

(In response to your tag) yeah I think my favourite so far is the one where Janeway is Da Vinci’s apprentice


& in general I really love that we get shown that bit of Janeway’s imaginative life through those little holodeck snippets… there’s, what, like, history, period dramas, cheesey Bronte-esque romances? all klinds of things. it’s cool that she gets to have that different aspect to her personality without it ever undermining her as the captain & the ultimate authority of the ship.


Fandom is, essentially, the collective refusal of thousands of people accross the world to be passive about the media they are exposed to.

I just wish people from the outside would realize how great it truly is.

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Voyager s4e18


So uh.. Some random aliens have taken over Voyager, made the crew into parts of the holodeck program or something, and are now simulating the crew working at a restaurant/bar of some kind in france during a war..

hahaha i remember that

i watched it all and i still didn’t get it by the end



Announcing TOWER! The game of a Princess tired of waiting.

A retro-styled top-down fantasy adventure-story game. Scheduled for release 20 July 2014.


Starring a Princess taking control of her own destiny, and a magical cat with strong eyeliner game.


Based on an original idea by Rachel Roach, made with love and lots of swearing by Kali Black.


Things this game definitely includes:

  • flexibility for different play styles
  • trope subversion
  • feminism dragons
  • a level shaped like a butt
  • chainmail banana hammock
  • underdressed dudes
  • references to Zork, The Princess Bride, The X Files, and more
  • meme

Things this game definitely does not include:

  • metal bikinis
  • doomguys
  • damsels in distress
  • manpain
  • women in refrigerators

System requirements

Windows 2000 or better
1.0 GHz Intel Pentium III equivalent or better
400MB available hard disk space

seriously this will run on just about any PC made in about the last 10 years no trouble

[ETA] I went and did some research, and found out that since about 2005 Macs have an onboard utility called [BootCamp] that runs windows.

If BootCamp isn’t a suitable solution, there’s also [Wine], and [WineBottler], which are free. More options can be found [here].

So, yes, this will also run on Macs, albeit not entirely natively.


20% discount for preorders (preorder price US$3.99, price at release $4.99).

No signup required. Secure payment processing via Stripe. Checkout and automated delivery via GetDPD.


Note: please make sure that you provide a valid email address, as your download link will be sent to the email address you use during checkout.

Another note: If you use a script blocker, you only need to allow

Final note: if for any reason the above link doesn’t work, it may have been updated, so try this page:

Check this shit out, someone actually managed to finish making my Tower Game and it looks AMAZING!!!! 

Look at that cat. I want to solve a million puzzles for that cat. 

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u know how sometimes if u eat too much of a certain food you get sick of it

like my mom used to make spaghetti several times a week for YEARS bc it was quick and easy so now im kinda “meh” about spaghetti

you know that feeling??

that’s how i feel about white cis male protagonists

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oh my god

the episode of Orphan Black where Allison has a house party

I’m just picturing the episode summary for that:

"It’s Allison’s turn to host the neighbourhood potluck, and Paul gets to know Sarah’s ex better"


oh my god

the episode of Orphan Black where Allison has a house party




A town known as the “town of books”, Hay-on-Wye is located on the Welsh / English border in the United Kingdom and is a bibliophile’s sanctuary.

my favourite place

I have never been, but I clearly need to. This is basically the town version of my house. :D

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